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The building’s sophisticated architecture, extraordinary façade and distinguished entrance make quite an impression. Communal outdoor areas as well as exclusive terraces and balconies round off the high-quality design of the Life Science Center.

Employees can thus enjoy an excellent atmosphere to befit their highly qualified work. The combination of office and laboratory space on each floor along with pleasant acoustics, perfect indoor air quality and exclusive layouts, creates optimum conditions for efficient, process-optimized workflows. Thanks to the building’s tenants as well as its proximity to companies and research institutes in the surrounding area, there are numerous opportunities for dialogue and the generation of valuable synergies.

The Life Science Center is working toward LEED Platinum certification, the highest LEED rating. A large photovoltaic system on the roof surfaces combined with energy supply from Bio-Wärme Gräfelfing ensures that the building’s carbon footprint is kept to a minimum. Of course, there is large bicycle storage space in the underground parking lot as well as electric charging stations for cars.

The rental space in the Life Science Center is expected to be ready for occupancy from mid-2024.

Above-ground rental space


in total (in m²)


office space (in m²)


laboratory space (in m²)

Office and laboratory space per floor

1.440 – 1.610

including tenant-specific terrace or balcony areas (in m²)

Storage space in the basement


can be divided as required from 40m²
(in m²)

Outdoor parking spaces



Underground parking spaces


including sufficient parking spaces with charging facilities and spaces for electric vehicles (spaces)

Bicycle storage space in the underground parking lot




  • Barrier-free access possible from the underground parking lot to all rental units
  • Disabled toilets are available in the communal areas
Photovoltaic system2022-01-25T13:50:10+01:00
  • Large photovoltaic system for the building’s own power supply
Bicycle parking2022-01-25T13:49:39+01:00
  • 80 parking spaces in the basement
Car parking spaces2022-01-25T13:49:07+01:00
  • 142 underground parking spaces, up to 1/3 can be equipped with charging stations
  • 7 above-ground parking spaces

LEED Platinum certification and qualification as an Efficiency House 55 is being sought.

  • The façades are an aluminum-glass construction with floor-to-ceiling windows for the offices and with closed parapets approx. 1.20 m high for the laboratories.
  • Fixed glazing and partially opaque opening elements
Emergency power supply2022-01-25T13:46:09+01:00

Capacity on a secure emergency power supply will be provided to tenants for critical infrastructure backup.

  • LED-type lights that are controlled or switched on and off in groups on a room-by-room basis
  • Pendant lights in the office and laboratory areas
Heating and cooling2022-01-25T13:44:23+01:00

Heating and cooling are thermostat-controlled on a room-by-room basis using heating and cooling sails, supplemented by circulating air convectors (ceiling units) in the laboratory areas.

Room cooling is provided for all office and meeting rooms by heating/cooling sails, with cooling capacity of approx. 40 W/m². Services for cooling the laboratory spaces are installed in accordance with the technical room data sheet.

  • Mechanical ventilation

The air change rates within the rental areas reflect the individual and user-specific requirements yet to be defined.

Glare protection2022-01-25T13:31:17+01:00
  • Glare protection fixtures made available by the landlord, whilst implementation of glare protection is the responsibility of the tenant
Sun shielding2022-01-25T13:30:36+01:00
  • Electrically operated, external sun shielding
  • Office areas with high-quality carpeting
  • Laboratory areas with joint-free plastic or rubber flooring
  • Foyer, staircases, etc. with high-quality natural stone flooring
Electrical and data wiring2022-01-25T13:29:35+01:00
  • Laboratory and office areas with CAT7
  • Office areas with cavity floor and floor tanks
  • Laboratory areas above the ceilings
Traffic loads2022-01-25T13:28:46+01:00
  • First floor / upper floors 5 kN/m2 (partial reinforcement still possible)
  • Basement 5 kN/m2
  • Outdoor technical area 10 kN/m2
  • 2 elevators per central access area; load capacity 1,000kg
  • 1 goods elevator; load capacity 2,500kg
Floor heights2022-01-25T13:26:45+01:00
  • Floor height on the first floor: 5.00m
  • Floor height 2nd to 5th floor: 4.00m

In office areas with suspended ceilings or with heating/cooling sails, the clear room height is approx. 3.20m on the upper floors and approx. 4.10m on the first floor or 3.80m at high installation density.

The height requirement for technical installations in the laboratory area is approx. 70cm and up to 1.0m for high installation density. The resulting clear room heights for these areas are 2.80/2.50 m on the upper floors and 3.80/3.50m on the first floor.

Building structure2022-01-25T13:25:28+01:00
  • 9,140m² gross floor area above ground, of which approx. 4,385m² office and approx. 4,740m² laboratory
  • Rental space can be rented by floor from 1,440m² to 1,610m², max. 6 tenants
  • 142 parking spaces in the underground parking lot
  • 7 outdoor parking spaces
  • Storage: approx. 870m²
  • Terraces or balconies for tenants’ exclusive use
  • Communal entrance lobby and open spaces
  • Sufficient tenant-specific set-up areas in the open spaces
Fit-out planning grid, building depth2022-01-25T13:25:05+01:00
  • Office: 1.35m, 12.50m
  • Laboratory: 1.10m, 16.00m

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